Fabulous to be female

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Fabulous to be female

It's not just girls, boys are concerned with their looks too. But, REALLY.... Girls spend a LOT of time looking in the mirror in the preteen and/or teen years. It's not just your daughter, I promise! There are multiple reasons why a girl is concerned with her girl looking in mirrorappearance:

  1. She's  hardwired to care about how she looks. It's probably the female sex hormones that are responsible for the near-universal female desire to check out the mirror.
  2. She's bombarded with images about beauty so she's trying to see how she measures up.
  3. Other girls are doing the same thing. We are all influenced by the people we hang out with.

Think about it. You moms likely did the same thing. Maybe you still do: walk by the mirror and take a peek. Is everything OK, is there something out of place? Do I need more lipstick? Is my hair sticking out?

Women in ancient cultures had beauty rituals too. Beads, tattoos, hair styles, body paint, and fine clothing are not unique to our century! If your daughter checks herself out in the mirror a lot - she's normal!

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