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Raise Confident and Strong Girls

Fabulous to Be Female exists to help women and girls learn together and connect with each other. My keystone event, Growing up Female, is a mother-daughter workshop for 4th and 5th grade girls. The two-hour workshop is retreat style and it helps girls learn about and FEEL GOOD about who they are and who they are becomming. Girls learn about their changing bodies and they leave the event with knowledge and confidence.

The Growing up Female workshop started 18 years ago when my eldest daughter was in 5th grade. Her Girl Scout leader asked me to lead a session for the girls in the troop - they were all very shy, uncertain, and even embarrassed at their changing bodies. Mothers felt uncertain about how to talk to their daughters about those changes or had felt their motherly attempts to guide their daughters were unsuccessful. We planned a two-hour workshop. That first event was a success and other groups and Girl Scout troops heard about it and kept asking for the event. I now travel all over the San Francisco Bay Area to lead this event.


Fabulous to Be Female events focus on these things:

  • Learning about your body - what's normal
  • Feeling good about being female
  • Learning about YOU - as an individual
  • Connecting with other girls and women
  • Connecting the generations (girls and women learn and celebrate together)
  • Creating a comfortable, safe, and empowering atmosphere to learn in

I'm Amy Sluss, the founder of Fabulous to Be Female. I write all the content on this website, in all the workshops and seminars offered, and in the parent support products. In all I do I work to enhance parent-child communication, address sensitive yet important issues such as body changes and self-understanding, and self-acceptance.  

Check out the website then This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to schedule a private event or to request an event for your organization. 

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Amy Sluss
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